Work Wear Jumpsuit

JUMPSUIT: Nordstrom │SHOES: Christian Louboutin │SUNNIES: Celine│WATCH: Michele│BRACELETS:David Yurman & The Styled Collection

Happy Friday Eve y’all!

I promised I’d get some new work wear up for you guys, so here we go!

I’m going to try to post work wear once a week!!! Stay tuned.

I have such a love/hate relationship with what to wear to work. On one hand, sometimes, it’s really fun to get dressed up. But on the other, wearing scrubs and tennis shoes is a SERIOUS perk of my job. I always joke around that I either am dressed to the nines at work or I look homeless. There is no in between.

Work wear doesn’t have to be boring. If you’re wearing the same black pants and boring blouse everyday, it’s time for a work wear REFRESH.

Jumpsuits are THE BEST for work. No matching bottoms and tops. One piece and you’re done.

This one is super comfortable. It does run a little long, so you’ll need to wear heels or take it to your tailor. If you’re in Raleigh – Lee’s on Western is the ABSOLUTE best. Affordable, fast and quality work. Be prepared to wait, there’s always a line.

Hope you guys are having the best week.



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Floral Two Piece Skirt Set

SKIRT: Shein │TOP: Shein │SHOES: Old Similar Here │SUNNIES: Chloe Dupes Here│WATCH: Michele│BRACELETS: David Yurman & The Styled Collection

Guys. I am obsessed with this set.

It’s only $22 bucks for the top and bottom and comes in like 8 different prints. SO FLIPPING CUTE. I’ve already worn the top with shorts and the skirt with a white crop top.

We are heading to one of my favorite cities this weekend for a short weekend trip. Stay tuned.

I always feel a little bit like the odd man out in August & September. Everyone else is impatiently waiting for temperatures to fall and I’m alone mourning the death of summer (dramatic, I know).

Maybe it’s because I’m from Florida where it’s summer 90% of the year…. But the end of summer always makes me a little sad. Is there really anything better than long days spent at the pool or beach?

I guess I’ll have to cure my end of summer blues by planning a nice beach trip! I think I feel better already.



Mink Pink Tshirt Dress

DRESS: MinkPink │SHOES: Amazon │BAG: Celine │WATCH: Michele │SUNNIES: Karen Walker │BRACELETS: David Yurman

Happy Friday Babes!!!

Obsessed with this dress is an understatement. How freaking fun is the print? I love a good T shirt dress, so add in a fun print and homegirl is sold.

Another blogger posted these Loub dupes and I had to have them. Just as an FYI the color on the bottom isn’t a true Loub red. If you’re looking for an exact designer dupe, search elsewhere. These are good, but not perfect.

Lots & lots of you message me about workout wear/ my workout routine. I just started a new workout routine and I’m excited to share it with you guys. So stay tuned, it’s coming.

You guys also message me on the reg about what to wear to work. I originally wanted to blog weekly about work wear, and I’ve just dropped the ball.

So sorry! 

More work wear posts are coming your way.




The Most Flattering Dress

DRESS: Leith│SHOES: Jessica Simpson (old) Similar Here│BAG: Louis Vuitton │SCARF: Louis Vuitton │SUNNIES: Karen Walker│WATCH: Michele │BRACELETS: David Yurman

Happy Monday Babes!

I hope you guys had the best weekend. My blog is getting a much needed makeover this week, so if things look a little funny you know why.

I know everyone has seen this Leith dress over and over. &&& there’s a reason.

It’s a serious must have in your closet. It’s beyond comfortable, super flattering and the easiest piece I own to dress up or down.

Oh, & it’s under $75. I mean, seriously, I’m not sure why I don’t own it in every color.

I stalked this scarf for months before I pulled the trigger. It is beyond worth it. I get a crazy amount of use out of it.

I’m itching to go on a trip soon. Anyone have any end of summer trips planned?



Floral Dress // San Francisco

DRESS: Finder’s Keepers (sold out) Similar Here │SHOES: Schutz │WATCH: Michele│ SUNNIES: Karen Walker │BRACELETS: David Yurman & The Styled Collection

As promised, here’s my full post on our trip to San Francisco. Our trip was super short, I definitely want to get back ASAP to do some more exploring.

We stayed at the Hotel Zeppelin in downtown San Francisco. It’s a viceroy property and I was super impressed. The location was prime, within walking distance to great restaurants and some seriously insane shopping (Nordies, Saks, Neimen, Zara, etc).

We stayed in the Zeppelin suite which had amazing views of downtown and lots of space to stretch out ;).

Favorite Things We Did: 

  1. Biscuits and Blues : We love love love live music. So our first night in town, we checked out this jazz bar right down the street from our hotel. Y’all. You have to check this place out. The food is SO good and the music was amazing. They have different artists every night. When we went, KingFish was playing and they were SO GOOD. The food is so southern and delicious. You have to try the fried chicken.
  2. Alcatraz : So, I didn’t know this, but, Alcatraz is actually the most visited national park in the country. Around 5000 people visit every day. So, if you want to visit, plan ahead. Tickets are online and I highly recommend getting them early. The tour is super interesting and takes about an hour and a half. The island itself is really pretty and the views of San Fran are totally worth it.
  3. Sausalito: Sausalito is the town right across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Fran. We ate lunch at The Trident which was right on the water and had amazing seafood.

I wish we had more time to see more in San Fran. Our last day there, we ventured out to Napa & it was so fun. Let me know if you have any questions about our trip!

I don’t know about y’all, but this girl is beyond happy the weekend is here.



Just Bananas

DRESS: Asos │SHOES: See By Chloe │WATCH: Michele│ BRACELETS: David Yurman & The Styled Collection │BAG: Amazon (Gucci Dupe) │SUNNIES: Karen Walker

So many good banana puns with this dress…

This dress is bananas B A N A N A S 

The Dress is just so aPEELing

This Dress is RIPE up your alley

LOL, ok, ok I’m done. I wore this dress to work and everyone was commenting on it. So freaking cute.

My insta feed it FULL of Nordies posts, which I have a love/ hate relationship with. I love seeing what other bloggers bought and how they style it. BUT….

I’m not ready for fall yet, y’all. Endless summer around here… Not ready to put away my kinis and shorts. So, if it’s ok with you guys, I’m gonna keep styling summer until it dips below 80 degrees for more than a day 😉




Easy Blazer and Jeans

JEANS: J Crew │BAG: Louis Vuitton │SHOES: Jessica Simpson (old) Similar Here │JACKET: J Crew │BODY SUIT: Zara (old) Similar Here │SUNNIES: Karen Walker │WATCH: Michele │BRACELETS: David Yurman 

Happy Thursday Babes! Anyone else having the longest week ever? Where everything that could go wrong just does?

I actually googled if we were in retrograde….

Bring on the weekend please.

I wear this look almost once a week. I love the way flares and a blazer look. So chic, easy, and put together. 

I highly recommend investing in a few blazers. Easiest way to look almost instantly pulled together. I ALWAYS have my blazers tailored for that perfect fit. If you haven’t already, find a good tailor ASAP.

If you’re in the Raleigh area, email me and I’ll send you a few suggestions.



Polka Dot Jumper

JUMPER: Shein│ SHOES: Schutz│BRACELETS: David Yurman │SUNNIES: Karen Walker 

We had the best time in San Francisco over the weekend. It was my first time to San Fran and I was DYING to see the golden gate bridge. Spoiler alert: It did not disappoint.

More to come on our San Fran trip..

On our last day in San Francisco we drove out to Napa because hello, why not? I wore this $25 jumper and I am obsessed. How cute?!

Even after extensive googling, it was SO hard to decide which wineries / restaurants to check out. We ended up seeing two. I wished we had more time. You really need at least two days to see Napa. We are planning another trip to do Napa and Sonoma in one fatal sweep (will literally probably be fatal lol)

Auberge was my favorite of the places we visited. It’s actually not a winery, but the views from the restaurant are AMAZING. It is an absolutely beautiful 5 star resort and Michelin restaurant. They have wines from all around the region.

Munn was my jam y’all. All SPARKLING wines. So good. May or may not have bought several bottles of sparking rose to take home.

I can’t wait to share more of our trip with y’all!






Blue Two Piece Set

TWO PIECE SET: Forever 21 (Sold Out) Similar linked below │SHOES: Stuart Weitzman (old) Similar Here│ SUNNIES: Karen Walker│BRACELETS: David Yurman

Happy Friday Babes! 

We are heading on a little West Coast get away this weekend! Can’t wait, can’t wait. My love affair with California with continues…

I love this set. Still mad it sold out. It’s the prettiest color blue and so flowy. The top is adorable with shorts too.

I linked a ton of super cute co-ords below. Obsessed with that casual black two piece set.

I hope everyone has the best weekend. Anyone still shopping the Nordstorm sale? I’ve spent WAY too much money. It’s just so good.



Nordstrom Sale Picks

Well, in case you live under a rock, The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale went live this morning. I know SO many bloggers cover it and if you’re already over it I totally get it. You have to be a card holder to have access now. Regular access starts the 20th.

Items sell out SO FAST. So, if you are a cardholder go scoop stuff up now.

I’m sharing everything I bought linked below. My favorite two things from the sale are shoes surprisingly enough.  Can’t wait to wear those nude pumps to work!

  1. Theory Belted Dress
  2. Michele Watch
  3. Tie Waist Dress – $32 Bucks!!!
  4. Sunnies
  5. Rolling Carry On
  6. Suede Shift Dress
  7. Leith Blouse
  8. Frame Crops

Are you shopping the sale?

Favorite Shoes:

Everything here is in stock (for now)!