Happy Tuesday Babes!

As always, wanted to share a little bit more about our trip to Miami. Miami is hands down one of my favorite places to visit in Florida. It’s just so extra. Sorry, there just really isn’t a more fitting word for Miami. We always have the best time and the shopping is to die forrrrrrrrr. Picked up a new baby while we were there. More to come on that.

DRESS: Amazon│SHOES: Schutz

Where We Stayed

1 Hotel South Beach

SO SO Good. This hotel was rated the #7 hotel in the U.S. last year. Yup, it’s that good. There are four pools and the hotel sits right on the beach. The beach club is private and beautiful. The staff is super accommodating and ready to help. I loved staying here, highly recommend.

Where We Ate


Ok, head to Baoli where all your boujee dreams will come true. Many, many celeb sightings here. It’s a restaurant/ bar that gets club-y at night. We had dinner and if you’re heading there for dinner you NEED a reservation. They weren’t even letting people in the door without a reservation when we went.

The food is Asian fusion and it’s GOOOOOD. We had the omakase which is Japanese for “I’ll leave it up to you”. Basically, the chef decides all 12 (yes, TWELVE) courses for you. It was honestly one of the best meals I’ve ever had.

I LOVE to people watch and Baoli was SO good for this. Bach or bachelorette parties, influencers, just people watching galore.

Il Gabbiano

Il Gabbiano is a Miami institution so we had to check it out. You need a reservation for dinner. We made ours 2 weeks in advance and still were stuck with a 9 pm reservation. That’s fine though – go early for some prime people watching (I feel like there’s a theme here). It’s Italian food and it was super good. Homemade pasta, and bread. Just call me Carbie.

Orange Blossom

I’m not a huge breakfast person but HOLY YUM. Avocado Toast to die forrrrr. We also had to huevos rancheros which were really good. &&&&& the coffee!!!! The restaurant is super cute too. It’s small, so either make a reservation or be prepared to wait.

Things To Do:


BIKINI: Amazon│ BAG: Chanel│ SUNNIES: Ray Ban

ONE PIECE: Amazon │SUNNIES: Amazon│ WATCH: Michele

We really just wanted to hang poolside and beachside for the weekend. It has been really cold in Raleigh, so we wanted to soak up the sun. On Saturday, we stayed at the Rooftop pool the entire day. It’s adults only and the view is perfect.

Questions? Email me, DM me! We love Miami and I highly recommend making the trip!