JEANS: Free People │ SHOES: Nordstrom │ SWEATER: Asos │ BAG: Chanel│ WATCH: Michele│ SUNNIES: Karen Walker

Happy Thursday babes!

Anyone else feel like this short week is just DRAGGING on?

I wanted to jump on here and rave about these jeans because you NEED them. They are beyond flattering. Anyone else feel like they need all the flattering things after all the holiday overeating? because SAME.

I’ve been mulling over my new year’s resolutions for almost a month now. I love the idea of having a start over at the beginning of each year. So, here goes nothing…. Maybe if I write them down here, I’ll be more likely to stick to them… Stay tuned.

  1. Be More Consistent: I’m going to try to blog more consistently and post 5 times a week. The key word there is try. Working full time and blogging AND having a life is a delicate balance that I have yet to figure out.
  2. Less Procrastination: To say I am going to stop procrastinating completely would be a complete lie. So, maybe just do it less Heather 😉
  3. Stay Organized: I am the queen of the deep clean. I do love to clean things up, but keeping them that way is a struggle. I am also the queen of clean room to disaster room in less than an hour.
  4. Express More Gratitude: I really believe in the power of positive thinking. There are SO many things in my life to be grateful for. Going to try to express that outwardly daily.
  5. Travel More: 2018 was full of trips and I can’t wait to explore more of the world I haven’t seen.
  6. Less Talking, More Action. Enough said. 😉
  7. For every addition to my closet, donate one thing. This will probably be the hardest. I don’t know why but I get serious donation anxiety about clothes and shoes. I always think what if I want to wear it again and it’s gone. So things just sit and sit sadly in my closet when someone else could be enjoying them.

What are your resolutions?