Today, we’re talking all about Botox.

I don’t really understand why, but it seems like Botox is a four letter word to some people. I mentioned to some friends that I was thinking about Botox and I got pretty much the same response from everyone – eye rolls and sighs.

Gonna be really real for a second. Maybe I’m just the most vain person on the planet – but I don’t want crows feet or fine lines. Who really does? Recently, I started noticing more fine lines. When I was in my early twenties, I can remember waking up and being SO happy with my no makeup face. But, lately I’ve been noticing more lines on my no makeup face. So, after thinking about preventative Botox for a LONG time, I finally jumped in.

Ok, let’s cover some basics. How does Botox works? Botox temporarily paralyzes muscles in your face that are causing wrinkles and fine lines.

I think probably the most important part of Botox is where you go. Instead of price shopping, find a reputable place that employs at the very least an RN. We’ve all heard Botox horror stories and so much of that has to do with the knowledge and experience of the provider.

I chose Skin Raleigh and if you’re in the triangle this is hands down where you should go. They are one of the top 100 Botox providers in the country. Yep, you read that right. Professional staff, clean environment and knowledgeable providers with tons of experience.

  1. Prior to Your Appointment: No alcohol for 24 hours prior. Alcohol can cause blood thinning which can result in bruising.
  2. Where? For my first session, I targeted my crows feet and some fine forehead lines. This will be dependent on your specific problem areas and the recommendations from your provider.
  3. Pain? For me, it really didn’t hurt. The needle isn’t huge and I barely felt the stick. Again – SO important to be picky about your provider.
  4. Time? The whole process lasted less than 15 minutes.
  5. After Care?
    • No Facials or manipulation of the treatment area directly following treatment.
    • No exercise 6 hours following treatment.
    • Do not lay down for at least 4 hours post treatment.
    • Optimal results occur within 4-7 days post treatment.
  6. Maintenance: It’s recommended for prevention to have additional Botox treatments every 4 months. I received my treatment in early October, so I’ll be heading back in February for my next treatment.

I am BEYOND thrilled with my results. I’m going to share a full before and after when I go in for my second treatment.

If you have any questions about Botox or Skin Raleigh feel free to email me.